This website is for Spirit Lake East Homeowners Association located in beautiful North Idaho.  We are an association with 295 lots, 10-15 acres each.

 About Spirit Lake East HOA


SLE has two types of meetings. The board meets quarterly on the second Tuesday in February and August. Members are welcome to observe and comment on issues being addressed by the board. Meetings for all members of SLE are held on the second Tuesday of May and November. All meeting locations and times are posted on website two weeks before the meeting date.

Meeting minutes from every meeting are posted on the website after Board approval.

SLE Board

Board members serve 3 year terms and are elected at the May membership meeting. See the contact list for the current members of the board and their terms. When a vacancy opens between normally scheduled elections, the board will appoint someone to fill the position until the next election.

SLE Committees

Architectural Committee: The Architectural Review Committee approves new construction and remodeling in SLE. All SLE Developers and Residents must contact the Architectural Committee before starting construction. More information

Timber Committee: The timber committee must approve any logging on SLE properties. More information

Road Committee: The road committee oversees road maintenance, weed control, and snow removal in SLE. More information

Election Committee: The election committee oversees all board elections.

Welcome Committee: The welcome committee makes sure all new SLE Residents are acknowledged and welcomed to our community.

Newsletter and Website Committee: The newsletter and website committee is in charge of the SLE newsletter, which is published quarterly, and manages the SLE website.


The SLE Homeowner’s Association collects annual dues to pay for road maintenance and other expenses of the homeowner’s association. More information


PDF file with CCR and bylaws This is a copy provided by the board.