SLE is a private community with CC&R’s designed to maintain the rural environment for years to come. 

Our Board and Committee Members are all volunteers and are elected for three year terms.

See here for A Letter From Our HOA President.


Some of the agreements residents here live by are:

There is no shooting or hunting in our community. 

All residences must be single family homes and new builds must be approved by the HOA Architecture Committee. Guest houses, Mother-in-law quarters or any additional living units are not permitted.

There is no clear-cutting of property, and all logging must be by permit and approved by the HOA Timber Committee

Our roads are private and speed limits are 15 MPH to maintain safety of residents and to limit damage to the roads themselves. The HOA manages a Road Committee to maintain the roads year round.

The full SLE CC&Rs and ByLaws are available under the HOA Association menu on the documents page


And YES, you can pay your Spirit Lake East HOA dues online!

If you have PayPal already (keep reading if you don’t), simply Login and click Send Money, and enter the HOA email address (slehoabilling@gmail.com) as the recipient. If you don’t have PayPal, click on this link and select Sign Up. Then, select Send Money and enter the same HOA email address (slehoabilling@gmail.com) as the recipient.

IMPORTANT: PayPal charges the HOA 2.9% + .30 for each transaction. So, you will need to increase your dues payment by $9.00 to cover these costs. Any overage will be credited to your next HOA statement. If your payment amount does not fully cover the HOA dues plus the PayPal charges, then any shortage will be added to your next billing statement.