Forest Management in SLE

Article IV, Section 2, paragraphC.(3) (page 9 of the PDF CCR & Bylaws)

The following activities shall be prohibited:…

(3) Commercial cutting of timber. Nothing in this sub paragraph shall prohibit the removal of trees and timber, and their subsequent commercial sale, upon approval of the Architectural Review Committee, providing that such removal and sale is for the following purposes:

 a. residential construction

 b. landscaping

 c. disease and insect control

 d. public health and safety

 e. reasonable firewood gathering for a member’s personal household consumption.

 f. timber removal under the terms of an approved Timber Management Plan for selective culling.

 Timber removal as provided for herein is subject to the terms, conditions, regulations, and restrictions of the Architectural Review Committee as they shall from time to time require, for the protection of public health, welfare, safety and the preservation of rural atmosphere and charm which is compatible with the natural environment of the property.

You must contact the Timber Committee before any logging is done.

FireSmart is a program of Kootenai county to inform homeowners about the dangers of fire and to reduce the risk of fires. Kootenai county will reimburse you for work done to improve the defensibility of your home.  Contact them for more information.