Board Member Elections


This is a general announcement regarding elections for Board Members. This meeting is being held for the current Board and also to find out who else is seriously interested in being a Board Member. This is an informal meeting and is being held at 16444 W CDA Dr on June 3 at 6:30 pm.

We will go over the Bylaws that govern the Board during the meeting so they are fully understood, and each board member will be informed of their individual duties.

If you are interested in being on the HOA Board and would like to attend please R.S.V.P. to Pamela Dombroski at

​Board members must be current on their dues and must not have been delinquent on their dues in the past 3 years.

Thank you!

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Weed Abatement

Hello Everyone,

Our annual, county mandated weed abatement program will occur in the next two weeks, weather permitting. We will be spraying the same weed abatement treatment on the roads and the side of the roads that has been done for the last several years.

If you do not want the area in front of your lot sprayed than please post signs on the side of the road at both ends of your property line stating “Do Not Spray”.  It would be very helpful if these signs were large and colorful so the workmen can see them. In addition you can also send an email to the Road Committee members at letting them know your lot number and address so they can mark the map. This will help ensure the area in front of your lot does not get sprayed.

Thank you and we will post another notice the day the abatement starts so you know. Providing exact dates of abatement is difficult because, as always, we must work around Mother Nature.


Capt. Jeff
Chairman of the Road Committee

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Our Grader Operators

Hello everyone, I felt the need to express my dismay at an incident that occurred today. While grading the roads today one of my operators was stopped by a resident who proceeded to tell him that he was not qualified to operate the grader and then told him about everything he was doing was wrong. I will spare the complete details here. The situation degraded to the point of this person cussing out our grader operator. Besides the fact that the person was rude and had no business yelling at the grader operator, he also is very misinformed on his information. I would ask that everyone please respect our operators and if there is a problem with something we are doing then contact myself and I will try to explain how and why we are doing what we are dong with the roads.

Our grader operators have over 40 years experience each in road maintenance and repairs. They are very knowledgeable and they both have a wealth of information. They do many repairs and spend A LOT  of there own time and equipment to help out our community.

Please respect our employees who are doing nothing that I did not tell them to do. I am aware of everything that is going on with our roads so if there is an issue, Please contact myself and do not confront our operators. Thank you.

Mike Cover

Road Committee Chair

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Our New Road Committee Chairperson

Hi all, we have a new volunteer/chairperson for the road committee. Capt. Jeff Evans has agreed to head up the road committee and assist on repairs to our vehicles as well. I will be assisting Capt. Jeff over the next few months to help him get acclimated to the new position. As everyone should know this is a volunteer position so lets wish him well as I feel that he will do an excellent job.

Mike Cover

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Vote question for the May meeting

Hi all.

Someone has asked about the vote coming up this May. Their question is this: The CC&R’s state that to increase the dues more than the annual 3% you need 2/3 to agree to the increase. Does this mean 2/3 of the lots or 2/3 of the people in attendance at the meeting.

The answer is this: Once a quorum is obtained (45 % of lot owners present or by proxy) then a 2/3 majority of those will carry the vote. What this means at the meeting is that we must have 130 lots accounted for by being present or by proxy to obtain a quorum. If we do that then we need 86 yes votes (2/3) to carry the vote to gain the dues increase. If we do not make the quorum then its all a moot point as no vote can be taken at all.  I hope this helps everyone understand the process.

Mike Cover

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Mandatory Resignation

Hi all.

It is with deep regret that I must inform all of you that I am mandated to remove myself from the association board. I was informed by Melony from North Idaho Accounting yesterday that I am in violation of the CC&R’s by being on the board and having my home for sale. I was not aware of this section (Art III, Sect I) of the CC&R’s and I only recently put my house on the market. Melony informed me that several people from the association have brought this up to her and they were very upset at the fact that I was still on the board. It would have been more appropriate for these people to come to me or the board to address this issue instead of hearing it from Melony. I am very sorry that I am obligated to resign as this was not my plan or intention. I will remain on the road committee until I can find a replacement. Since Jeremy Skinner is the vice president he will be taking over the role of president until a new president can be voted in.

Please accept my apology for this and again it was not my intention resign.
MIke Cover
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Upcoming Meeting and Vote

Hello everyone.

Our semi-annual meeting is coming up May 9th, 2017. It will be held at the Timberlake High School at 6:30 pm. We have sent out a letter regarding a proposal to raise the association dues an additional $200. We have listed all the reasons for this increase in the letter and we have included a proxy vote slip in each letter. I am putting the letter and proxy vote slip here on the website as well as the nextdoor website just in case some of you didn’t get the mailing. I know we have a lot of new people moving into our neighborhood and we just wanted to be sure everyone who can vote knows about the issue and has access to the proxy and all the information. Thanks and please remember to be at the meeting or send you proxy vote to someone on the board or to someone who will be at the meeting to vote in your place.

Proposal to increase association dues

This past year we have made significant road improvements to our community. We are now able to produce our own gravel to put back on the roads so that we can better maintain them. We no longer have to spend our money on outside material for the roads. The roads this past year have been better than most of us can remember. The board and road committee have made a commitment to continue to make improvements and maintain the roads at an even higher level than before. We have a plan to continue to improve the roads including a dust control plan for the entire 29 miles of our roads. To do this our current road budget is insufficient to say the least.

I am asking for an additional $200 per year per lot. This increase comes out to $00.55 a day, $16 a month. Combined with our current $203 dues the total is $403 which works out to $34 a month.

Of this additional $200 we will put $100 into a fund specifically for equipment purchases/repair and would not be used for any other purpose. The other $100 would go into the road budget.

We are asking for the dues to be billed quarterly, January, April, July and October. This would make the quarterly payment just over $100 per lot per quarter.

For those of you who may not understand exactly why we need this increase I have listed an accounting of known repairs we will have to have done and equipment we will have to purchase this year alone. Along with this are the unknowns that can wipe the budget out in an instant such as a very heavy snow year.

1          Known repairs for our current equipment

  1. Grader – $4,903
  2. Yellow truck $2,800
  3. Green truck $3,500

Total minimum repairs expected this year      $11,200

2          New front loader                           $18,000 – 25,000. This will be taken out of our savings account.

Our front loader is pre-1970, has no brakes and they cannot be repaired. This loader will not last through this summer. We are currently looking for a replacement.

3          Continued road improvements that we can accomplish with the increase are:

A         Rock culverts for drainage

B          Add additional gravel to road base to improve roads

C          Additional grading (more often) for better roads

D         Removal of material alongside the roadway. This will be reused and eventually put back on the roads. This will help drainage as well.

E          Dust control for the entire road system

With a road budget of $29,000 minus known repairs, that leaves us $17,797 to finish out the year. With the heavy winter this year we have already spent $5,338 on snow removal and sanding as of 2-28-17. Recent unscheduled repairs have cost us $2,000. That leaves us $10,459 for the remainder of the year. This will barely cover basic/minimal road maintenance for the rest of the year.

What do we get for this extra $200 a year?

  • Increased property values
  • Less wear and tear on our personal vehicles
  • Less dust in the air which helps to keep the roadway surface in place and much better air quality for everyone.
  • Better enjoyment of our community.
  • Better and easier resale of your home if you decide to sell.
  • No longer be embarrassed by our roads.


If we don’t get the increase in funds our budget will only allow for minimal road maintenance such as we have had in the past. If our equipment is not fixed or replaced then we will not be able to maintain our roads at all. This is a simple fact. 

The roads are better now than anyone can remember and we would like to keep them this way and make them even better. With this increase (still much less than what other comparable homeowner’s associations charge) we can make our community a much better place to live and roads we are not ashamed of.

Please attend our May meeting to take a vote on this matter. If you can’t attend please send your proxy form to someone who will be there or someone on the board. We must have a quorum on this issue to get a formal vote. Whether or not you want the increase or not, please attend the meeting in person or by proxy. Without your involvement we can do nothing.

We have sent a proxy form along with this letter. If you wish to send the form to a board member simply fill it out and sign it and then email it to:


  • Send it to SLEHA, PO Box 217, Spirit Lake, ID 83869


  • Fill it out and sign it and give to someone attending the meeting.

Thank you from your association board and road committee



ARTICLE II., Paragraph 6, of the Spirit Lake East Homeowner’s Association By-Laws state: “Any membership may be represented and voted by the owner or by a proxy given by the owner to some person other than the owning member. All proxies shall be in writing , shall define the tract or land portion to be represented by the proxy holder, shall refer only to a particular meeting, shall be dated no longer than three months before the meeting and shall be available and presented at the meeting where exercised.”

For the purpose of any Association business wherin a member vote is required

I, _________________________________, being the owner of record of


Tract number____________, Spirit Lake East development, do hereby execute and deliver an assignment of proxy to ______________________________


For the following:

  • Proxy to be executed for any voting that may be required at the semi-annual meeting to be held on or about May 9th, 2017. _________________(initials)

The assignment of this proxy is for the meeting to be held on or about May 9th, 2017

Signature _____________________________________  Date_________

Witness signature______________________________     Date_________

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