Our Roads and Equipment

Hi everyone. I have some bad news for the roads. Our grader broke down today and repairs will not be done any earlier than Wednesday afternoon. Our big yellow snow plow truck has broken  two welds on the plow frame which makes it unusable until that is repaired, also late Wednesday. That leaves us the smaller green plow truck. I will be using this one tomorrow to try to help some of the more slushy roads but be aware that this does not remove all the slush or ruts but it should help. Our grader got some of our bad spots before it broke down but left a lot undone. We will get the grader out and working as soon as possible so please be patient. Thanks

Mike Cover

Road Committee

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Road conditions and our plan

Hello all, as you are aware we are into the freeze/thaw melt off on our roads. We went out today with the two plow trucks to remove as much of the slush as we could. Our problem with the plow trucks is that they are not able to really get down past the ice. The roads are better now and with the upcoming rain and warmer temps we plan on bringing out the grader starting Monday/Tuesday to help with the deep ruts and ice removal. The grader is slow so this process will take a few days at least. Please be patient as we are at the mercy of the weather and temps. Hopefully we can get a long lasting warm spell and get rid of the ice and slush. Be assured we are working on the problem.


Mike Cover

Road committee

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Road Conditions

Hello everyone,

Anyone who has lived here for any length of time will know that this time of year is always ugly for the roads. Here are some of the problems the road crew are facing. We had a lot of snow this year and the packed road base is very thick. Then we had the rain/freeze/thaw/freeze/thaw/rain/freeze…… that has left us with out current conditions. The problem is that our plow trucks can not do anything about the ice because it will damage the truck and plows. The grader can take off a small top portion of the ice but if we tried to scrape deeply into the ice it would break the teeth and blade of the grader. I have had our operators out doing everything we can to make the roads better but we are limited by the equipment we have and the hardness of the ice pack on the roads. Please be patient, drive slowly, pray for warmer weather and rest assured we are doing everything possible to keep the roads passable.


Mike Cover

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Upcoming Levy Election Information

Hi everyone.

I was contacted by Brook Cunningham who is involved with the upcoming elections, specifically the school levy on the ballot. She asked that I pass on the information about the two meetings that are coming up in case anyone would like more information or who would like to make a statement. I have attached four PDF files about this. Just click on the link and the forms should pop up. The association is only passing on this information and we are not making a statement either way in regard to the levy.


Mike Cover





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Feb. 9th meeting agenda

Hi all, our February meeting is coming up this week and I wanted to put out the agenda for the meeting. The meeting is at the senior center next to the library in Spirit Lake at 6:30 PM. We hope to see lots of you there.

Mike Cover

Sprit Lake East Homeowners Association

Meeting Agenda


1          Call to order

2          Minutes from previous meeting

3          Committee reports

A         Treasurer

B         Road

C         ARC

D         Timber

4          Old business

5          New business

A         Discussion of entrance improvements

B         Discussion of inadequate  dues and possible solutions

C         Road improvements for this year

6          Other

7          Adjourn Meeting

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Wrong way drivers

Hello again, We have received several complaints as well as personally seen, several people cut the corners on the traffic circles and are driving the wrong way. If you are new to the area and don’t know, you must enter the circles and go to the right until you exit the circle. Once your in the circle you have the right of way to vehicles entering the circle. Those entering the circle must yield to those already driving in it. For those of you that who know the rules, please follow the signs and the law. The five seconds you save by cutting the corner will cost you a lot more time and money if you should hit some one while going the wrong way. It is also the courteous and right thing to do. Please respect the rest of us who abide by the rules and do the same.

Thank you,

Michael Cover

SLEHA President

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February Meeting Date Change

Hello all!

Our normal meeting date for February would be the 14th, Valentines day. With this in mind we decided to change the meeting to a different date. When I tried to change the date to the first Tuesday, I was told that the senior center was not available for any Tuesdays during the month of February. For that reason we have moved the February meeting to Thursday, Feb. 9th at 6:30 pm at the senior center in Spirit Lake. I hope this does not cause anyone any inconvenience and we apologize for the change.

I will be posting the agenda for the meeting later this month.


Michael Cover

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