HOA Meeting Minutes: April 4, 2023


Date: April 4, 2023


Location: Tisha Dore’s home


Board Members in Attendance:  John O’Neil (President), Gus Ferguson (VP), Marilyn Rousher (Treasurer), Tisha Dore (Secretary), Lois Tarnowski (Member at Large)


Quorum:  YES


Call to Order: 6:35pm


Minutes from the last meeting: Unanimously accepted


Treasurer’s Report:

Current in checking account:      $       54,103.31

Current in savings account:        $     102,621.71

Current in petty cash account:   $           201.00

Total in bank accounts:               $     156,926.02


Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report by: Gus Ferguson         Motion Seconded by: Lois Tarnowski


ARC Report: Just a few items to report. Heard from resident in response to mention of arc committee in our newsletter, wanted to know if a build in their area had been approved. Confirmed with him that the HOA is aware of the build and has approved it. Also received response to newsletter re: arc committee from another resident who had questions re: if she’d need approval on a new fence. Referred resident to Arc committee, sent links to CC&R’s + build info on website, and notified Chandryce, Arc Committee Chair. Discussed with board that fences are not in need of approval if it’s simply to replace an existing fence and appears basically the same, but would need approval if it’s in a new location, particularly near the road.


Timber Report: Nothing to report.


Motion to accept Arc + Timber Reports:  Marilyn Rousher           Motion Seconded By: Gus Ferguson


Road Report: Approved an additional 10K for rock last week. The crew is now in the process of distributing the material throughout SLE on roads that are thawed out. Work will continue as the thaw continues.


Motion to accept Road Report: Marilyn Rousher            Motion Seconded By: Gus Ferguson




  • Treasurer Budget – Held a quick conversation about fundraising to help offset the cost of a newer grader, which Joe Sandbank, Road Committee Chair, estimates will cost at least 90K.
  • SLE Equipment Sale –No updates on sale of the additional equipment.
  • Road Signs – Went over signs needed/projected, agreed to order together to keep unit cost down.


Motion to Accept Old Business: Marilyn Rousher            Motion Seconded By:  Lois Tarnowski




  • May Public Meeting –
    • Booked May 9th, Timberlake High School (Meeting 6:30-8pm)
    • Agreed who will be there for set-up and stay late for break-down
    • Lakeland School District to let us know about room cost shortly, will try again tomorrow.
    • Also called Timberlake to double-check that Lakeland notified them of room booked, assuming so as the meeting room and time have already been approved (left voicemail)
    • Invite letters to homeowners using their designated mailing addresses have been mailed
    • Discussed updates to homeowner database, new mailing labels created
    • Fundraising info in May meeting invite letter will be shared on FB next week as follow-up
    • Asking for reimbursement on paper, ink + extra envelopes needed beyond envelopes, labels and stamps provided by Marilyn. Additional items were approximately $80 (including ink cartridge which can be used on Nov mailing + any others in between).
    • Also, have Marilyn’s approval on ordering a new ink stamp with HOA return address. The one we have is very old, doesn’t work well, needs replacing. It’ll be about $35.


Motion to Approve Receipts Provided: Marilyn Rousher             Motion Seconded By:  John O’Neil


  • Newsletter –
    • First edition went out via email on April 2nd (great job, Lois Tarnowski!)
    • Will be posted on Facebook this Friday as a follow-up for those who don’t check email
    • Hardcopy version included in the May meeting invite mailing only for those without email
    • That’s 105 people who need to get newsletter via mail, which will be costly to do monthly.
    • Team agreed that newsletter should be quarterly to save time, money + avoid repetition.
    • Each quarter there will be a newsletter w/ SLE content pertaining to that season such as plowing in Winter, road repairs + new construction in Spring, dust control in Summer, etc.
    • Lois needs volunteers for content, editing. All board members will help w/ content.


  • Email forwarding from Webmail –
    • Went over protocol for responding to emails that can be accessed by more than one committee member so that we are all logging into the webmail address originally contacted, checking the Sent folder to see if anyone else has already responded, and if not, then responding with an answer and leaving the message in Sent, so others will know.
    • For example, if someone emails roads@spiritlakeeast.org, and you’re on the roads committee and can answer, please login to roads@spiritlakeeast.org, check the Sent box to see no one else has already replied to that person. If not, reply, and leave it in Sent.
    • Also tested forwarding function to confirm webmail sends a copy to the board members’ personal emails as an alert a message is waiting in webmail. Appears forwarding is working from emails, roads@spiritlakeeast.org, boardmembers@spiritlakeeast.org, etc.



  • Motion to adjourn the meeting at: 7:39pm by: Tisha Dore       Seconded the motion:  Gus Ferguson
  • Meeting was adjourned at: 7:39pm


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