Contact Info

Our new phone number for the association is: 208-610-7096. One of the board members will have the phone with them every day. We will answer the phone when called as often as possible. If we do not answer the phone we will call you back as soon as we can. Text messages are appreciated and encouraged.

Questions regarding Billing and Homeowners Dues call 208-610-7096 or email

Water is provided by Spirit Lake East Water Co – not associated with SLEHA.  For questions regarding Water, contact 1-877-755-9287 or visit their website


Board Of Directors

To contact all board members at the same time
President Jeremy Skinner
Vice President Bruce Flaws
Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Heather Polombo
Member at Large Hank Hankins
Member at Large Jeanette Waterous
Member at Large Adam Lambert
Member at Large Maureen Evans

Committee Members

Road Maintenance Vacant
Road Maint Bruce Wade
Road Maint Jess Blocker
Road Maint Vacant
ARC(Chair) Hank Hankins
ARC vacant
ARC vacant
ARC vacant
Timber (Chair) Adam Lambert
Audit (Chair) Trudy Shrigley
Audit vacant
Audit vacant
Newsletter/Editor Maureen Evans
Website Maureen Evans