May 2022 Election Results

There were 54 ballots turned in either by mail or in person at the meeting.
Vern Peters – 20 votes cast
Marily Rousher – 14 votes cast
Chandryce Hanson – 3 votes cast
Joe Sandbank – 1 vote cast
Heather Polombo – 7 votes cast (declined position)
John Williams – 3 votes cast (declined position)
John O’Neil – 3 votes cast (already boardmember)
Gus Ferguson – 2 votes cast (already boardmember)
John Changler – 1 vote cast (non lot owner name)
Tim Stran – 1 vote cast (non lot owner name)
  • June 19th Neighborhood Garage Sale

    Neighborhood Yard Sale June 19th per Nextdoor We have an awesome resident who has taken it upon herself to organize a Spirit Lake East Neighborhood Yard Sale. From Gabriela Cross “Neighborhood wide Yard Sale!! The date for our neighborhood yard sale is set for June 19th. Get your junk ready“ If you decide to participate,

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  • Treasurer Report APRIL 2021

    APRIL MEETING 2021 Account Balances to Date Checking: $52,152.47 Savings: $71,920.86 Total: $124,073.33 Income Year to Date   $69,249.52 Total Expenses Year to Date $21,642.52 Projected Expenses Remainder of Year $35,0000* *based upon average of last two year’s expenses from today through December. Homeowner Account Status Overdue: $9,147.09 21 Lots are overdue more than $25 2

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    Spirit Lake East HoA Meeting Agenda Date: 3/10/21       Time Meeting Began: 6:01 pm Board and Committee Members in attendance: Gary Pfahler- President, Heather Polumbo-Vice Pres., Michelle Zerfas-Secretary, John Williams-Treasurer, Jeanette Waterous-Member at large, Bruce Flaws-Roads Committee Chair, Mark Mecord-ARC 1.   Minutes from Prior Meeting: approved A.     Treasurers report: Motions made to read and approve Treasure’s

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  • Spirit Lake East

    SLE is a private community with CC&R’s  designed to maintain the rural environment for years to come.  ​Our Board and Committee Members are all volunteers and are elected for three year terms.  Some of the agreements residents here live by are: There is no shooting or hunting in our community.  All residences must be single family homes and new

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