ATTENTION SLE Members re: May 2021 General Members’ Meeting

The spring meeting for all members will be held on Tuesday, May 11th at 6:30 PM at the Timberlake High School.  In order to accommodate those who do not wish to gather in a group setting, we will set up a virtual meeting through Google Meets.  The link for the meeting will be available through our website at  If you plan to attend virtually and have a question for the Board, please email your question to prior to the meeting.

We have requested a podium for members to stand at while speaking in an effort to ensure everyone attending the meeting can hear what is being said.  We will place a sign-up sheet for anyone requesting to address the Board.  Questions and comments will be limited to two minutes to allow everyone who wants to speak a chance to be heard within the time frame of our meeting.  We respectfully request that all members maintain a polite and professional demeanor to facilitate a productive meeting.

Here is a copy of your ballot, ballot instructions and a message from our Board President.

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