A Letter From Our HOA President

Hello and greetings from Spirit Lake East in beautiful northern Idaho. As president of the SLE Homeowners Association, I’d like to warmly welcome all residents (and prospective residents) to this wonderful place we call home. Some of you have been here for many years, while others have only recently found this gem of a community. Either way, we’re glad you’re here. For those who are just getting to know SLE, it is a private community in historical Spirit Lake, about 30 minutes up the road from Coeur d’Alene. With approximately 300 homes on properties of 10-20 acres each, SLE has unique charm, and we work hard to stay true to our roots.

We don’t want to be an HOA that rules with an iron hand. Many have settled here from other locations to be free of that kind of community. For this reason, I am not going to talk about the CC&R’s here today. However, they are available on our website (link below), which is in the process of being completely redone by our wonderful Secretary, Tisha Dore.

If you are unaware, this community is completely run by volunteers on the HOA Board. Having said that, the current board has really tried to make communication, transparency and fiscal responsibility our highest priorities. In an effort to provide information to all members in a timely manner, some of our most recent efforts include the SLE website that is being redesigned and already more user-friendly. For example, here’s a helpful page with all HOA documents and maps. We also have a new Facebook group and a presence on the Nextdoor app under Spirit Lake East. I welcome you to take a look at these resources, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, please feel free to email (info@spiritlakeeast.org) or phone (208.610.7096) with questions.

In addition, to our above-mentioned focus, we have been working hard to improve our roads (something both new and old members can agree on). We have an excellent road committee chair, Joe Sandbank, who is very experienced in construction and maintenance of roadways as well as heavy equipment operation and maintenance. The roads are composed of dirt, and therefore, subject to the whims of weather. That said, Joe and his crew have already started the build-up and repair of several sections of the road including both entrances, and the roundabouts. As soon as the weather permits, they will start work on fixing the roads from the winter damage as well as those areas they had already targeted from last fall.  We ask if you will be spraying your road, please let us know, so we can attempt to repair that section prior to the oil application. Please remember the posted speed limit on all roads within the SLE community as well. Many are unaware that it was decreased in recent years not only for the safety of our residents but also to help maintain our unpaved country roads.

If we all do our part to be courteous neighbors and members of this wonderful community we call home, together, we will protect and preserve SLE for many years to come. Thanks for your time and hope to see you around!


John O’Neil

HOA President