6/10/2021 Meeting Minutes

MINUTES: Spirit Lake East HOA, Inc.

Date: June 10, 2021                                  Time:   7:00 PM                                   Location: Zoom

Monthly Meeting Board Members

Board members and officers in attendance:

Gary Pfahler, Heather Polombo, John Williams, Maureen Evans, Jeanette Waterous, Corrie Piper

Quorum: Yes

  1. Call to order-Gary
  2. Approval of previous meeting minutes of 5/10/2021 motioned by John, seconded by Jeanette, all agreed
  3. New Board member Corrie Piper welcomed by Gary.

Old Business:

  • Gary gives report on issues with trying to locate a spray unit to distribute the Mag Chloride. Spray unit may be available locally for 3,000. This is the equipment that had been used to spray the roads for weeds but hasn’t been used in three years. The HOA is responsible for verifying if the equipment works and make sure the tanks are not contaminated from the product used to spray weeds.

Board voted on moving forward to purchase spray equipment at a cost of approximately $3,000.

  • Not addressed: Clearing of trees along roadway.  Homeowners are required to keep the roadway clear in front of their property.  Failure to do so can and has caused damage to our equipment.  Resident Eric Haas has offered his business to residents.  His information will be available on the website.

New Business:

  • Not Addressed: Road Safety
  • Gary ordered a street sign for Liberty. The Liberty and Newman sign is at the shop and needs to be put up.
  • Not Addressed: Volunteers needed for committees (arc, timber, road)
  • Collection activities for HOA dues: Gary and Heather explained how the board is working to collect on delinquent accounts. The letter sent has been modified to explain the HOA will take a member to small claims court and can affect credit. The HOA is now down to only 2 residents that have not paid and do not have a payment plan. Gary, Heather, Corrie, Jeanette, John and Maureen voted Yes. No one voted No.
  • Board voted to move forward with small claims cased on residents who refuse to pay and are at least two years in arears. Gary, Heather, Corrie, Jeanette, John and Maureen voted yes. No one voted No.
  • Gary Pfahler voted in as President.
  • Heather Polombo voted in as Vice President
  • John voted in as Treasurer
  • Maureen Evans as Secretary

Meeting Adjourned at approximately 7:40 PM

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