HOA Meeting Agenda: March 10, 2021

Spirit Lake East HOA Meeting Agenda

Date: 3/10/21       Time Meeting Began: 6:01 pm

Board and Committee Members in attendance: Gary Pfahler- President, Heather Polumbo-Vice Pres., Michelle Zerfas-Secretary, John Williams-Treasurer, Jeanette Waterous-Member at large, Bruce Flaws-Roads Committee Chair, Mark Mecord-ARC

1.   Minutes from Prior Meeting: approved

A.     Treasurers report: Motions made to read and approve Treasure’s report .  Report was read and approved.  See website posted report for details.

Letters will be sent to residents regarding overdue past and 2021 HOA dues. Thirty days is allowed to make arrangements before a Lien or small claims court is in process.  The 2020 Financial record have been turned over to the audit committee.

B.     Timber report:  Nothing to report or activity to address.

C.      Road/Shop report:  This year’s weather has caused roads to degrade.  Roads needs to thaw before grading.  If it is too wet, traffic speeds up and we waste fuel, wages, and supplies.  The board and road committee continue to evaluate when work can begin.  HOA is exploring option of selling our large, aging plow and truck to pay for a newer, smaller truck for plowing. This truck needs to be appraised for value for possible sale.  Bruce Flaws will look into appraisal and options.  Approximately 2/3 of our roads need further ditch cutting for proper drainage.  This gradual process will be resumed by the road crew when weather permits.  Further discussion is needed on the work needed to customize our old water tank for use in spraying our roads for entrances with water to keep dust down and magnesium chloride to keep road integrity.

D.     ARC Report: Three new builds have been approved.  One additional building permit not yet submitted.

E.      Website Report:  No website report.

2.   old business:

A.     Erik Haase and his proposal to cut trees-Cost prohibitive to the HOA, but maybe we can have Eric present at the semi-annual meeting for individuals using his service directly.  Also discuss putting link on the website.  We need to respond to Eric regarding his proposal from November 2020 to let him know the HOA can not cover cost.  Pres. Gary Pfahler to contact Mr. Haase regarding HOA response as well as having him offer services to the residents individually.

B.     Open discussion on treating roads: entrances to circles: our own equipment -See Roads Report above.

C.      Next big meeting via Zoom or the like-Bonnie Paulson offered to help with this.  Email any questions ahead of time. Michelle or Heather to contact.

D.     Quarterly newsletter almost complete.  Mailings will be e-mailed and posted to NextDoor group website.

3.   New business: none

4.   Meeting adjourned time: 7:06 pm

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