Road Preparation For Winter

All Spirit Lake East Residents. We need your help getting our roads ready for plowing snow. There are many limbs overhanging our roads that can and have damaged windshields and mirrors on our trucks. The road committee does not have the time nor resources to remove all of them. Fell free to remove any and all overhanging branches, trees growing in ditches and on banks, and down trees on road edges and ditches. This will allow us to better remove snow.

Please DO NOT attempt to remove any tree that could possibly touch a power line. Call Kootenai Electric or a Road Committee member and we will contact them.

We also need volunteers for other tasks on occasion for various task like working on a truck, help organize our SLE shop, or a little carpentry work.
Two of our residents repaired our road grader tire chains this summer and saved us $600. Most tasks take only a few hours and can make a lot of difference in our operations. If you are willing to help send an e-mail road at ,or call (208)623-6001.

We are in need of at least one more backup snowplow operator for this winter. The ideal candidate would live in Spirit Lake East, be retired, know something about driving a dump truck, and be willing to start work about 5 AM. We will teach you how to operate the truck.

Jess Blocker, SLE Committee Chair



Spirit Lake East Homeowners Association
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