Community Road Cleanup


I hope all of you are enjoying your summer here in Spirit Lake East! It has been hot, but even as hot as it is, winter is still right around the corner. I am sure most of us are busy with summer chores and, hopefully some fun, while still getting ready for the snow that will be here before we know it.

That being said, one of the items that would be great to have on everyone’s list of “things to do before the white stuff arrives” is clearing the dead branches and low hanging trees from the edges of your property near the roads. Dead brush and branches are a fire hazard in the summer and loose branches and the low hanging trees interfere with snow removal in the winter.

Last winter a low branch heavy with snow fell as the grader was passing and it hit the front window of the cab, breaking it. When the driver got out to move the branch, a second branch fell behind the cab of the grader lodging the grader in place. The driver had to call for help and get a chainsaw to extricate the machine from the trees.

On other occasions the side mirrors of our plow trucks have been hit and damaged by tree branches sticking out over the road because the snow is weighing them down. These accidents cost all of us money and time and we would love to avoid more damage to the communities equipment this year.

If everyone walks the perimeter of their property near the road and cleans up as much as they can it will make snow removal faster and easier and help save the HOA time and money. By clearing dead branches and trees near the edge of the road, it also allows us to push the snow further off the roadway which prevents the roads from narrowing due to too much snow being piled up.

If you need assistance then email the board and we will put out a notice for volunteers. If anyone would like to volunteer to assist with a property clean-up, than please email the Road Committee Chair, Jeff Evans at or any of the Board Members and let them know, or you can post that you are available to help those that need it directly to the Spirit Lake Neighborhood site.

It is also important to keep our road signs visible by clearing any tree limbs or bushes that may be obstructing them, so if you have a road sign on the edge of your property please ensure it is easily seen by drivers.

If we work together as a community we can get our community ready for the snow and have a beautiful white winter with wonderful roads!

Thank you for your help,

SLE Board and Road Chair


Spirit Lake East Homeowners Association
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