Our Grader Operators

Hello everyone, I felt the need to express my dismay at an incident that occurred today. While grading the roads today one of my operators was stopped by a resident who proceeded to tell him that he was not qualified to operate the grader and then told him about everything he was doing was wrong. I will spare the complete details here. The situation degraded to the point of this person cussing out our grader operator. Besides the fact that the person was rude and had no business yelling at the grader operator, he also is very misinformed on his information. I would ask that everyone please respect our operators and if there is a problem with something we are doing then contact myself and I will try to explain how and why we are doing what we are dong with the roads.

Our grader operators have over 40 years experience each in road maintenance and repairs. They are very knowledgeable and they both have a wealth of information. They do many repairs and spend A LOT  of there own time and equipment to help out our community.

Please respect our employees who are doing nothing that I did not tell them to do. I am aware of everything that is going on with our roads so if there is an issue, Please contact myself and do not confront our operators. Thank you.

Mike Cover

Road Committee Chair

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