Vote question for the May meeting

Hi all.

Someone has asked about the vote coming up this May. Their question is this: The CC&R’s state that to increase the dues more than the annual 3% you need 2/3 to agree to the increase. Does this mean 2/3 of the lots or 2/3 of the people in attendance at the meeting.

The answer is this: Once a quorum is obtained (45 % of lot owners present or by proxy) then a 2/3 majority of those will carry the vote. What this means at the meeting is that we must have 130 lots accounted for by being present or by proxy to obtain a quorum. If we do that then we need 86 yes votes (2/3) to carry the vote to gain the dues increase. If we do not make the quorum then its all a moot point as no vote can be taken at all.  I hope this helps everyone understand the process.

Mike Cover

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