Mandatory Resignation

Hi all.

It is with deep regret that I must inform all of you that I am mandated to remove myself from the association board. I was informed by Melony from North Idaho Accounting yesterday that I am in violation of the CC&R’s by being on the board and having my home for sale. I was not aware of this section (Art III, Sect I) of the CC&R’s and I only recently put my house on the market. Melony informed me that several people from the association have brought this up to her and they were very upset at the fact that I was still on the board. It would have been more appropriate for these people to come to me or the board to address this issue instead of hearing it from Melony. I am very sorry that I am obligated to resign as this was not my plan or intention. I will remain on the road committee until I can find a replacement. Since Jeremy Skinner is the vice president he will be taking over the role of president until a new president can be voted in.

Please accept my apology for this and again it was not my intention resign.
MIke Cover
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