Clarification of May’s Meeting

Hi all.  I have received many questions regarding the May meeting and I follow the nextdoor website as well and there seems to be some confusion about the upcoming meeting. So let me try to clarify so there are no misunderstandings.

First and foremost the May meeting is a vote on increasing the dues. This is the only significant order of business for the meeting other than the normal formalities of each meeting.

Second, you only need the proxy vote form if you are not attending or can’t attend the May meeting. The proxy system is set up in the CC&R’s and we don’t have any control on how this form is set up. Some confusion has come up because at the last November meeting we did a mail vote which allowed us to make the form a simple yes or no vote check box.  The problem with the mail vote is that is requires a 75 % return to make the vote valid, which we did not come close to. The proxy vote however, does not allow us to use the yes/no straight up vote. Here is how the proxy vote form works. If you are attending the meeting you do not need the form at all. We will have voting slips at the meeting for you to vote yes or no. If you CAN NOT OR ARE NOT going to attend the meeting then you need to give the proxy vote form, filled out, to someone who is going to the meeting. You should give the proxy vote to someone you know is going to vote the way you wish to. For example if you want to vote yes you can send the proxy vote to the board as we will be voting yes so your proxy will be counted as a yes vote. If you want to vote no on increasing the dues then you need to give the proxy vote to someone attending the meeting that will vote no for you. There haven’t been any proxy votes or votes at all in the last 8 years or so, so this may seem confusing and I apologize for that but are hands are tied by the CC&R’s on this form.

So, if you ARE going to the meeting you do NOT need the proxy form.

If you ARE NOT attending the meeting you need to fill out the form and give it to someone who is attending and they will vote for you.

Send the proxy form to the SLEHA BOARD and it will be counted as a yes vote.

Third. To obtain a quorum for this vote to be valid we need at least 45% ( 130 ) of all property owners to be present of accounted for by proxy vote. If someone owns more than one parcel then that person(s) can vote once for each parcel owned. If we get the 130 persons for the quorum then we must have a 2/3 majority to pass the assessment. That works out to at least 86 yes votes to pass.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion and again I am sorry for that but with the proxy vote our hands are tied to make it simpler. Thanks for understanding.

Mike Cover


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