Our grader is fixed but our front loader is down

Hi all, if you haven’t noticed we are starting to do some grading now that our grader is fixed. Our cost to get it running again was over $1600.oo. This morning our front loader stopped working and we are attempting to get it up and running but they no longer make parts for the Scoop Mobile so it is questionable if we can fix it or not. We were able to get some of the worst spots done on the roads before the front loader went down but there is still much to do. Without a front loader we are not able to put new material down on the roads and we are only able to grade the existing materiel which in some areas is not yet something we can do. We don’t want to trade a pot hole for a mud bath. Please bear with us as we attempt to get the roads back up to a good condition. Thanks

Mike Cover

Road committee

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