Partial road closure on Newman

Hello all. We have a problem on Newman just North of Liberty. A new home was built and a water line had to be put in before the new residents could move in. The water company dug a trench across the road to do this. While the ground around the trench was still frozen the newly disturbed dirt/gravel was not. This was not an issue until two days ago when we started to get the rain and warmer temps. Earlier today I checked on this area and found a large sunken trench across the road. The water runoff was draining into the ditch and eroding the dirt from underneath. We have made a temporary fix by adding 30 yards of new gravel/dirt. Unfortunately the one side is so water logged that any pressure on the gravel forces the water to the top. For this reason we have blocked off that half of the roadway. The half that is open is slightly raised but cars and trucks should be able to cross without issue. Any heavy commercial vehicles should avoid this completely until it is completely fixed. We will be monitoring this section daily since additional runoff will only soften the dirt so more. Please be aware as you drive this area and use caution when crossing over this area. If at any time you feel that this is unsafe or has degenerated please contact the road committee via the website or by phone at 208-818-1402. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Mike Cover

road committee

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