Road Conditions

Hello everyone,

Anyone who has lived here for any length of time will know that this time of year is always ugly for the roads. Here are some of the problems the road crew are facing. We had a lot of snow this year and the packed road base is very thick. Then we had the rain/freeze/thaw/freeze/thaw/rain/freeze…… that has left us with out current conditions. The problem is that our plow trucks can not do anything about the ice because it will damage the truck and plows. The grader can take off a small top portion of the ice but if we tried to scrape deeply into the ice it would break the teeth and blade of the grader. I have had our operators out doing everything we can to make the roads better but we are limited by the equipment we have and the hardness of the ice pack on the roads. Please be patient, drive slowly, pray for warmer weather and rest assured we are doing everything possible to keep the roads passable.


Mike Cover

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