Please Help Our Snow Plows

Hello everyone, with this winters fairly large amount of snow , we are running into some problems with the plowed snow. Some people who are pushing the snow to clear their driveways are leaving the snow in the roadway or close to the roadway edge. This creates a problem with our road snow plows especially once the snow starts to harden. This can damage our plows, shrink the roadway width, and cause us to spend more time and money trying to clear off these areas. If you are pushing the snow to clear your driveway, please be sure to move it well past the roadway.

Just so everyone knows, the snow plows  are driving against traffic on the circles to plow the snow. We are doing this so that we can place the snow to the center of the circle and not the outside of them. This keeps the snow levels on the outside of the circles low and does not obstruct any ones view as they  enter the circles. Please use caution as you enter the circles just in case you meet up with a snow plow.

We have been trying very hard to keep the roads clear of snow. Please help us with this and know that we are working hard to clear your streets as soon as possible. Thanks for all your help.

Michael Cover

Road Committee

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