Agenda for the November 1, 2016 meeting

Hi all. I have copied the agenda for the upcoming meeting. This is a guideline to what will be discussed at the meeting. It is only a general guide and subject to change.

Sprit Lake East Homeowners Association        Meeting Agenda November 1, 2016

1          Call to order

A         Meeting parameters

1          If you wish to address the board, sign up to do so. Addressing the                                                   board will happen before the vote and during old business

2          Three minutes maximum time limit.

3          Please keep it civil or you will be asked to leave

2          Minutes from previous meeting

3          Committee reports

A         Treasurer

B          Road

1          Road improvement plan for next 5 years

A         Continue road improvements

B          Water drainage work

C         Proposal to use Calcium Chloride on all roads with the                                                  purchase of large water tank for dump truck. Keeps dust                                                           down, minimizes lose of small particles, holds gravel in                                                     place, less pot holes, and better roads overall.

2          Equipment update

A         Dump truck repairs $5,000

B          Grader electrical repair $500

C         Looking for new front loader as ours is on its last legs, no                                                          brakes

3          Snow plows and sanders ready. Won’t plow until 4+ inches have                                               fallen. Need a packed base to start

4          We do not need permit for gravel removal from our own site

C         ARC

D         Timber

4          Old business

A         Discussion of the proposed definition of a quorum

B          Vote and tally of mailed consent forms and those present

5          New business

A         Vote on 3% dues increase for 2017

B          Motion to allow approval of minutes via emails to the board                                           members so we can get them on the website sooner.

6          Other

Open forum discussions/comments

7          Adjourn Meeting

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