August 9th meeting agenda

Hello all, some of you have asked for the agenda to be sent out so that you will know what we are going to talk about. Here is the agenda. Keep in mind other matters may come up that are not listed on the current agenda.

Sprit Lake East Homeowners Association

Meeting Agenda

1          Call to order

2          Minutes from previous meeting

3          Committee reports

A         Treasurer

B         Road

General road condition update

Possibly add stop sign at St. Joe and Kelso (South bound traffic, three way                        stop.

Update on Conditional Use Permit

Road improvements planned for fall

Dump truck repairs $5438

New screening for fall gravel is here and being put together

Front loader is on its last legs

C         ARC

D         Timber

4          Old business

A discussion on redefining what a quorum is and the process to make the changes

Discussion with the association attorney in reference to making changes to the            CC&R’s

5          New business

Open to public statements.

6          Other

7          Adjourn Meeting

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