Road improvement progress

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we are in the process of adding new material to the roads. We have completed CDA/Liberty from the 54 to Kelso and by tomorrow we will have completed St. Joe from the 54 to Kelso. On Thursday we are going to finish up the bus route (Liberty to Newman and Newman to St. Joe) By this weekend we will be working on CDA and around to St Joe. Our progress has been better than expected and we still have more than two weeks left with our rented front loader which is making our gravel/material. I hope to start on the side roads  during our last two weeks but I can not promise this as weather etc may change our ability to grade. Please be patient and if we don’t get to all the roads adding the new material this spring we will get to them as soon as we can.

My one concern with the newly reworked roads is that some residence are using them as a new ATV/Motorcycle racetrack. If you are one of those doing this, please try to refrain from tearing up the new material. This is a big expense and undertaking for all of us to upgrade the roads and it is not something we can afford to do all the time. Please help us to maintain our newly improved roads by not tearing them up.  Thanks.

Thanks to all of you that have given us feedback and suggestions about our roads and the website postings. Please keep them coming as we appreciate all of them.

Mike Cover

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