New Board Members/New Road Plans

Since the last meeting in December,  several board members and Ron Anello, who handled the roads, have stepped down from their service on the board of over 7 years. I  would like to thank all of them for their hard work and dedication. We now have an almost completely new board of directors. I would like to thank each one for stepping up and volunteering to help run the association. Please take a look at the listing on the website for all the new board members.

We have developed a long term plan for road improvement that includes some new equipment that will enable us to produce our own road material. This in turn will let us start the process of building the road surfaces back up and putting the crown back on the roads. This will help us in keeping the pot holes away and making driving much better. This will not be a process that happens all at once and it will take several years to accomplish. The weather has a lot to do with when we can grade and do the work. The other issue is the money needed to pay the graders and maintain the equipment that we use; all of which is very old. We have already started grading in the crown on the existing roads and you may have noticed some rocks (more than normal) in the roadway. In making these improvements, we must clean out the ditches along the road and remove some of the built up material that is there. This also helps the water run off and protect the roads. Thus the rocks. Please understand that the grader operator is not able to get all of the rocks off the road but they do their best. As will everything on the roads, we will follow the grading map when we start to make the improvements. Please be patient with us while we start this process and know that when we are done the roads will be much improved and easier to maintain.

Just so everyone knows, the new equipment for this project is being paid for by the sale of several unused pieces of equipment. We will still incur some cost for the project, mainly equipment operator costs. This also limits how much we can do each year.

Michael Cover, Association President

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